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 Know Your GFR

Chronic Kidney Disease is a condition that damages your kidneys and their ability to maintain your body’s health. It’s called “a silent killer” because, quite often, it is not detected until it is in its advanced stages, or right before kidney failure.

More than 26 million Americans, or one in nine adults, have Chronic Kidney Disease – and many of these people do not know it. What’s more, an additional 20 million others are at increased risk, meaning they have an above average chance of developing the disease. 

Getting screened for CKD and detecting the disease in the early stages can allow you to make the lifestyle changes necessary to prevent further damage to your kidneys and avoid the progression to kidney failure. The best way to measure your current kidney health is by learning your Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR).

GFR is the most accurate and sensitive calculation of how well your kidneys are filtering creatinine; a waste product formed by normal breakdown of muscle cells, from your blood. Your GFR score is calculated based on the results of a simple blood test, your age, race and gender.