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 What you need to know about the 5 stages of kidney disease
STAGE 1 Kidney damage with normal GFR. Kidneys are slightly damaged but still clean the blood normally. More than 90 None Diagnosis and treatment, treatment of comorbid conditions, slowing progression, CKD risk reduction.
STAGE 2 Kidney damage with mild or decreased GFR. Kidneys are damaged and do not clean the blood normally. 60 - 89 None Estimating progression.
STAGE 3 Moderately or decreased GFR. Kidneys are damaged and are half way to failure. 30 - 59 None Evaluating and treating complications.
STAGE 4 Severely decreased GFR. Kidneys are on the edge of failure. 15 - 29 Possible swelling & nausea. Preparation for kidney replacement therapy. Include changes in diet, exercise, weight loss & reducing blood pressure.
STAGE 5 Kidney failure– dialysis required. Less than 15 Possible swelling, nausea or shortness of breath. Blood test required for confirmation. Kidney transplant or dialysis.
CKD in the United States is on the rise. This is partly due to the increasing prevalence of diabetes and hypertension. Recent concerns continue about future increases in kidney disease.