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 Stories of Hope

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Raul's Story
Raul is a 38 year old construction worker on dialysis. His work hours were cut because of the economy and drop in the housing market and he is bringing in less money to support himself.
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Mary's Story
Mary is a 21 year old suffered kidney failure right after high school graduation. While looking forward to life in the college dorm, she soon found out that she would be spending more time in a dialysis unit. Mary's new "roommates" were occasionally others her age but many more were older.
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Carl's Story
At 58 years old, Carl soon learned, like other patients at dialysis, that a "donut hole" isn't just found at the bakery. Even though he had good health insurance, he had entered the "donut hole" period of his insurance coverage through Medicare.
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Robert's Story
Robert is a 61 year old who lives at home with a lovely wife who is also one of his caregivers. Robert recently had a second leg amputation and really needed to purchase a motorized wheelchair. His wife was in the process of finding a second job to help pay the increased bills after his second amputation.
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