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 Community Education

The National Kidney Foundation of Arizona (NKF AZ) is committed to increasing the public awareness on the importance of good kidney health. The incidence of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is increasing nationwide. One American adult in nine is the victim of Chronic Kidney Disease – that’s 20 million Americans - and most don’t know it!

CKD is a silent disease ultimately resulting kidney failure and the need for dialysis or a kidney transplant if left untreated. Symptoms are often masked by other more readily diagnosed diseases. Diabetes, hypertension and obesity, the major causes of kidney disease, are also on the rise.
But early diagnosis and relatively simple lifestyle changes can often delay or eliminate the onslaught of the disease. NKF AZ kidney health initiatives encompass educating the community on the important role that healthy kidneys have to an overall healthy body, alert individuals to ask that their kidney health be measured and monitored and suggest a proactive role in pursuing good kidney health.
NKF AZ signature outreach programs include “Know Your GFR”, a healthy kidney awareness program, Kidney Early Evaluation Program (KEEP), a free kidney health screening, the Erma Bombeck Organ Donor Awareness Project and the One in Nine Campaign (One in Nine Adults has Kidney Disease…Most Don’t Know It!). Each of these programs promotes the importance of early detection and proper treatment for kidney disease.
The NKF AZ Vision Statement states, “The National Kidney Foundation of Arizona's vision is a society where kidney disease no longer interferes with the quality of life.” NKF AZ kidney health initiatives are the first steps to achieving that goal.