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 Frequently Asked Questions

"Why should I donate a vehicle to the National Kidney Foundation of Arizona when there are so many other programs to choose from?"
The Kidney Car Donation Program is the longest running vehicle donation program in the state. Here in Arizona, we have been processing vehicle donations for over 15 years. We are independently operated and strive to keep our administrative overhead low, averaging approximately 10% over the last decade. That means that more Arizonans are getting more help from the vehicles you donate. We work hard to maintain the stability and integrity of our programs, but the real heroes are you, the donors.

"How do I donate my car?"
The process is fast and simple. You can donate your car online, over the phone or in person. Here at our website or call the National Kidney Foundation of Arizona at (602) 840-1644 (Phoenix) or (520) 882-7604 (Tucson). We will record the essential information about your vehicle, and ask you to send the necessary vehicle donation documents by mail or bring them into our office.
"Will there be any cost to me?"
No. The National Kidney Foundation of Arizona provides everything you need to donate your vehicle at no cost to you. The Foundation will pick up your vehicle and process your title documents all free of charge. The Foundation even provides free notary services for your documents when you come into our Phoenix office. Please call (602) 840-1644 beforehand to ensure you have everything needed to complete the donation.
"Does my vehicle have to be drivable?"
No. We are happy to receive a vehicle in almost any condition, as long as it has a clear title, can be towed and has all the necessary parts for it to run (even if it doesn’t).
"Do you take vehicles other than cars?"
Absolutely! In addition to your car we encourage you to donate your truck, van, motorcycle, bus or SUV. You can even donate your RV, boat and trailer or real estate – call the National Kidney Foundation of Arizona at (602) 840-1644 for special processing instructions.
"How long does the process take?"
Vehicles can be picked up as soon as the Foundation receives all the ADOT required paperwork. To expedite the process, we encourage you to use our online donation form and download any additional documents. You can also complete the process in person, by dropping off your title and required paperwork to the NKF AZ office at: 4203 E. Indian School Rd., # 140, Phoenix, AZ 85018.
"Is my donation tax deductible?"
The National Kidney Foundation of Arizona is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization. Donations made to the Foundation are tax deductible, provided you itemize the deductions on your taxes. The Foundation will provide you with an IRS approved receipt.
"What will you do with my vehicle?"
The National Kidney Foundation of Arizona will send your vehicle to one of the local vehicle auctions to be sold under our name. The proceeds come back to the Foundation to fund the critical needs of our kidney patients, including medications, food and diet plans, and emergency living expenses. The Kidney Car Donation Program is the greatest source of funding for our patient programs.

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