AKF History

Since 1963, the Arizona Kidney Foundation has been the major state voluntary health agency seeking the solution for kidney and urinary tract diseases through education, prevention and treatment. The Foundation’s many programs bring help and hope to thousands of dialysis patients and transplant recipients, provide community education about kidney health and the prevention of chronic kidney disease, and encourage support of organ donation. The Foundation is an affiliate of the National Kidney Foundation and is currently known as the National Kidney Foundation of Arizona (NKF AZ).

Kidneys remove toxins from our body and help regulate blood pressure. When kidneys fail, a terminal medical situation is created if the situation is not treated. In the early 1960’s artificial kidney machines and the cannula to allow access to the bloodstream were perfected. This medical miracle allowed the blood to be cleansed of toxins and regulate blood pressure for those with end stage renal disease – kidney failure. The AKF was created to assist in obtaining the funds necessary to make this treatment available for the growing number of dialysis patients.

Throughout the years, our patient and outreach programs have changed to meet the needs of the community. Direct patient aid remains the committed core of the Foundation’s services. However, in recognition of the epidemic nature of chronic kidney disease, NKF AZ has expanded the focus to include kidney health initiatives to educate the community about good kidney health and to advocate for organ donation.

The National Kidney Foundation of Arizona is proud to have dedicated over 50 years of service, advocacy and compassion to Arizona’s children and adults with chronic kidney disease. We are committed to continuing our efforts to improve the quality of life for Arizonans with kidney disease and to increase community awareness about early detection, prevention and treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease.